Car Accidents: Why It Is Unwise to Represent Yourself In Court

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There may be no requirement for you to have legal representation in a civil case, such as a personal injury case after a car accident. However, this does not mean you should avoid hiring a motor vehicle accident lawyer. This article discusses the shortcomings of representing yourself during such legal proceedings.

It Is Hard to Value the Compensation Due to You

People who represent themselves during personal injury hearings after a vehicle accident start the legal journey with a major disadvantage. Such people are unable to conduct a detailed valuation of their case. For example, they may not know the different forms of compensation to which they may be entitled, such as compensation for emotional anguish in addition to compensation to cover their medical bills. Consequently, a favourable ruling may result in an award that is far less than what you would have got if you had hired a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

Lack of Procedural Expertise

In many civil cases, such as car accident personal injury claims, the burden of proof is on you the plaintiff. There are specific steps that you must follow as you argue your case, such as when to request that a certain witness should be admitted. Any mistake that you make can result in your case being dismissed on a technicality. It is better for you to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who will ensure that your case follows all the prescribed procedures.

You May Accept a Low Settlement Offer

Lawyers of insurance companies do everything in their power to limit how much the insurance company pays out in a personal injury suit. Such lawyers will be very happy to be involved in a case in which the victim is representing himself or herself. You may be tempted to accept a low offer from such a lawyer because you have no idea how much the case is worth to you. You may also be inclined to decline a generous offer just because you are too emotionally invested in the case to weigh its merits rationally. An accident lawyer will protect you from such pitfalls by looking out for what is best for you during the legal process.

Do not be tempted to forego hiring a motor vehicle accident lawyer under the mistaken belief that the truth will always reveal itself. Court proceedings are about presenting evidence in the recommended way. Consult an attorney so that he or she can do everything required in order for you to get the settlement that you deserve.


28 April 2016

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