Why It Is Good to Compromise During Child Custody Hearings

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Some parents who have just divorced may wish to prevent their former partners from getting involved in the lives of their children. However, it may not be wise for you to adopt such a hard-line stance during child custody hearings. This article discusses why it is good to be willing to compromise as child custody issues are being worked out in a family court.

You Ease the Process of Determining a Parenting Plan

Child custody hearings are intended to design a detailed plan that will enable the kids of divorced parents to grow up well. Ideally, both parents should agree upon a suitable plan so that court simply endorses the agreement that you have reached. However, your unwillingness to compromise may prolong the child custody hearings. This can make you incur high legal fees as endless arguments go on about each request or proposal on how different aspects of your kids' lives should be handled after the divorce. Save yourself this drawn out legal battle by being willing to compromise during the child custody hearings.

You Create a Favourable Impression

Imagine that your former spouse requests to have the children on Fridays because he or she is off duty on that day. Your denial of consent to that request may seem unreasonable to the presiding judge. This can cause the judge to rule against you on other clauses in the parenting plan since you created the impression that you don't put the interests of your children ahead of your personal wishes.

You Shield Your Kids from Unnecessary Pain

Your children love you both. Those children may also not be aware of the reasons that led to the divorce. Consequently, your uncompromising stance may cause the kids to feel a lot of pain when they see you trying to stop them from seeing their other parent. It is therefore better for you to be willing to compromise during the child custody hearings so that you create conditions that will allow the kids to have both parents in their lives. Such an approach will reduce the negative effects that the divorce may have on the kids.

As you can see from the discussion above, it is advisable for you to keep your emotions in check during child custody hearings. Hire an experienced family lawyer so that his or her counsel guides you on the right compromises to make as the court is determining a parenting plan for your kids after your divorce.


28 April 2016

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