Common Predicaments That Can Make Your Property Hard to Sell

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You are considering selling your property, and like any other property seller, you envision a trouble-free and fairly fast sale. Nevertheless, there are a number of potential problems to be aware of that can dampen this possibility and turn away potential buyers.

Repairs and maintenance

Prior to informing your real estate agent to put up your property on the market, it's necessary that you take care of the basic repair and maintenance problems that could put off buyers and dampen your sale. These problems run the gamut from cluttered and overgrown lawns to doors that don't fit snugly into their respective door frames to sullied sinks. Handling all these repairs and applying fresh paint to the property is an ideal step in terms of impressing buyers.


Noticeable moist marks and water stains, both on the interior and exterior sides of your walls, are a clear symptom to buyers that the house may have moisture problems. To take care of the problem, you may need to call in a professional builder to install a waterproofing membrane.


Smell is such a dominant sense, and it's important that before potential buyers come to view your property that you get rid of all nasty smells from it. Odors from cigarette smoke, pets, mildew and mold are a notable turn off to prospective buyers. Don't just try disguise smells with air freshener, as prospective buyers may deem this suspicious.

Drastic and permanent renovations

Potential buyers have divergent decorative tastes, so you don't want to undertake drastic and unalterable refurbishments, as this not only forces you to hike the selling price, but also reduce the number of potential buyers interested in the property. Because buyers have varying tastes, simply focus on simple improvements and maintain neutral colors. These are small alterations that won't cause a dent in your pocket. For example, you can try adding lamps to incorporate warm light to dark, cold rooms, replacing drab curtains with stylish white sheers, and so on.

The neighborhood

It is always favorable to be in the good books of your neighbors. This simply means always relating with them well. Potential buyers sometimes opt to talk to your neighbors to understand how the neighborhood is. Neighbors you aren't friendly to could come across as rude, which is a huge turn off to potential home buyers, so you should try relate well with your neighbors.

By observing the aforementioned tips, you can have a trouble-free and fairly quick property sale. For further help, look for a conveyancing service in your area.


25 May 2016

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