Visa Application: Benefits of Using a Registered Immigration Agent


All foreign nationals are required to have a visa to enter Australia. Visa applicants are not obliged by the Australian law to retain the services of an immigration consultant; however, going through the assessment process on your own can be burdening. Some people even get their visa application denied after spending time and money on it.

Getting your visa application approved by the Australian Immigration Department can be life-changing, and that's why you should get it right the first time. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a registered immigration agent.

They have knowledge of the law

There are various types of personal and business visas that you can apply for, and all have different requirements under the law. You may not be able to determine the ideal one for you, and such a mistake could lead to a rejected application. Immigration agents are trained and have full knowledge of the Australian law as regards to immigration. They can offer valuable advice regarding the best type of visa to apply for, and any changes in immigration law that could affect your eligibility.

They handle the paperwork

The way in which you fill out your application determines whether you will get an approval or a reject. Sometimes you may give inadequate information unknowingly, and this can impact your visa application negatively. An immigration agent will prepare your application following migration regulations, complete the application form, and ensure supporting documents are provided. Having dealt with different clients, they know what is required to have your application approved, and they will make sure that you have it.

They monitor your application

Following up a visa application can be exhausting and demanding. What's more, delays and long processing periods can even cost you money, especially if you are applying for a business visa. An immigration agent will launch your application, monitor its progress through each stage, and liaise with the Australian Migration Department on your behalf. This saves you long processing and waiting times, and ensures that you get your visa on time.

They appeal for a rejected application

If your application is rejected, an immigration agent will apply for ministerial intervention if necessary. Also, they will file an appeal, present it to the tribunal, and represent you at the tribunal hearing. Since they are trained in immigration law, they have an understanding of the various causes of visa rejection. They will plead your case and make necessary amendments to your application for subsequent approval.

Visa application is more than filling a form, answering questions, and providing supporting documents and proofs. Having a trained migration agent guide you through the process can save you money, time, and effort, and increase your chances of getting an approval.


6 July 2016

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