Understanding the risks that workers face in factories

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Workers are often subjected to many different risks on the factory floor. From the risk of machine injury to fire hazards, it is important for employees to be provided with a safe working environment.

Workers are eligible for compensation if they obtain an injury at the factory due to poor safety standards. The following are common risks that employees face and why they may be eligible for compensation if those risks result in injury.

1. Operating machinery without the right safety equipment

It is not uncommon for employers to assign duties to their employees without providing them with the necessary safety equipment. For example, an employer may designate a worker to operate a forklift, laser cutter or welding equipment without safety goggles, gloves and earplugs.

This can expose workers to many different risks, including hearing problems from loud noises, cuts and bruises from moving parts and even dismemberment of body parts from faulty machines. Workers who experience such injuries at work should seek proper compensation from their employer.

2. Improper storage facilities

Potentially hazardous items should be safely stored away from causing harm to workers. For example, dangerous chemicals and flammable substances should be kept away from unauthorised access.

If an employer stores such items in a careless or inappropriate manner, workers could be subjected to risks from spillage or tampering by unwanted persons.

3. Taking shortcuts on safety measures

Most factories have clearly established safety practices that are specified by law. Safety procedures may involve restricting access to specific areas or providing workers with the required safety equipment to carry out their jobs. Safety measures may also include how the building is constructed or the specific responsibilities of employees.

In some cases, employers may fail to implement the necessary safety procedures in the workplace. If your employer takes shortcuts or disregards any parts of a required safety procedure, you may be eligible for compensation if you obtain an injury at work. Failure to adhere to safety standards is a common cause of workplace injury, and you should obtain the compensation you deserve in such cases.

4. Risk of slips and falls

Factory floors are also at high risk of causing slips and falls among workers. Floors that are left wet, stained or damaged can result in high-risk injuries to employees, for which they are eligible for compensation.

5. Poor fire safety standards

Workers may also be at risk of fire injuries in factories that don't have proper fire safety standards. Failure to have enough fire extinguishers or clearly labelled fire exits can cause the factory to be liable for any injuries caused to workers.

If you obtain an injury from a factory-related incident, consult workers compensation lawyers to receive the compensation that you truly deserve. 


14 June 2018

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