4 common mistakes that may complicate your divorce

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Separating from your spouse is an emotionally tasking process, regardless of how valid your reasons are. Furthermore, the emotions of anger, frustration, and sadness may drive you to act impulsively and potentially make mistakes that could haunt you for years to come.

There are many things at stake during a divorce. Your financial infrastructure, personal assets, and the well-being of children from your marriage should all be considered. This is why you should be aware of common mistakes that divorcees make. Here are 4 of them and how you can avoid them.  

1.    Being unwilling to compromise

It's only natural to assign blame during the height of a dispute with your former spouse. However, trying to prove yourself correct in every situation may further complicate issues. And if things don't go your way, you may become increasingly frustrated. The best mindset you should have is being willing to approach every decision in a sober manner. For example, you may want full custody of your kids, but family law is geared towards promoting shared custody in all reasonable situations.

This means that you may have to compromise on your hardline stance during child custody negotiations and financial aspects of the marriage. Being willing to reasonably negotiate rather than blindly maintaining a hardline position will help you make better decisions regarding the marriage.  

2.    Venting on social media

Social media is an excellent platform for expressing yourself. However, this platform also serves as an excellent venting opportunity for your frustrations. Venting may cause you to say things that could come back and haunt you later. Furthermore, actions such as sharing the personal details of your spouse or threatening them online could be used against you in court.  

3.    Failing to plan financially

The unfortunate truth is that divorce is expensive. Failing to plan for your new financial reality could make the separation process even more stressful. For example, you should begin thinking about custody arrangements and how joint assets will be distributed.

A divorce lawyer can provide guidance on such key decisions. And if you'll be responsible for child support payments or alimony, you should also prepare yourself for these responsibilities during the divorce process.

4.    Not seeking professional advice

Finally, divorcees who try to go it alone typically end up incurring more expenses or making critical mistakes. Make sure you hire a divorce attorney to guide you along every step of the way. Divorce lawyers have a broad range of expertise and experience that you can rely on to solve disputes, argue your case in court, or compromise with your former spouse within reasonable boundaries.

To learn more, contact a family lawyer.


26 May 2020

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