Top Tips When Hiring Internet Solicitors

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People are increasingly using online solicitors. It is especially so due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced many people to work from home. In this extract, you will learn how to vet and choose an online solicitor.

Ask For The Solicitor's Professional Documents

The solicitor should be ready to present his or her professional documents. Other than academic papers, he or she should present his or her practising certificate and a licence from the local council. Besides, he or she should be a member of a registered professional association. Contact the bar association to ensure the solicitor has not been accused of misconduct. Besides, you could also check his or her social media profile and Google My Business listing to know how other clients rate his or her services. 

Inquire About Specialisation

Check the solicitor's specialisation. Ideally, he or she should be experienced in the issue you want to handle. Interview the solicitor to gauge his or her specialisation. For instance, if you plan to divorce your spouse, inquire about the minimum requirements and whether you can secure sole custody or spousal maintenance. If you have a murder case, you would want to review the solicitor's defence to know whether you stand a chance in court. Inquire about the lawyer's winning history and whether he or she has handled landmark cases.

Review The Solicitor's Terms And Conditions

The solicitor should have reasonable terms. One of your concerns should be his or her availability. It is a vital concern if you need him or her to deal with an urgent issue such as an apprehended violence order or a restraining order. Inquire about the accepted communication methods. For instance, some solicitors will communicate via email, while others will hold video conferencing. If you have a complicated case, inquire whether the solicitor will offer private investigation services.

Inquire about the solicitor's privacy policy. For instance, how will he or she protect your confidential documents? Reputable solicitors will have state-of-the-art technology to protect your privacy. The solicitor should have a professional liability insurance cover to provide compensation in case of negligence. Examine the solicitor's pricing. For instance, will he or she charge per hour or a fixed charge? Besides, inquire about extra costs such as court filing and administrative fees.

When hiring an internet solicitor, ask for his or her professional documents and check his or her specialisation and terms. 

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23 November 2020

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