4 Things That Help Fathers Win Their Child Custody Battles

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In family law, fathers have as much right to be primary caregivers to their children as mothers do. Whether in primary or joint custody, a father can adequately care for, nurture, and raise their children. 

That said, no custody battle is easy, and it can be challenging to enforce parental rights. In some jurisdictions, the system tends to lean towards favouring the mother as the primary custodian while the father is granted casual involvement in his children's lives. Luckily, a father can still confidently make a compelling case in a custody hearing and win. Here are simple ways to improve your chances of winning a custody battle: 

1. Contact a Good Family Solicitor

A qualified solicitor is an invaluable resource when it comes to complicated family law matters and more so custody battles. Waiting too long to hire a solicitor can jeopardise your chances of winning since it can be difficult to negotiate or reach an agreement with your ex-spouse during such trying times. 

You want to make sure that you place your best foot forward by involving someone familiar with child custody cases and one who will offer a significant advantage during legal proceedings. 

2. Engage Parents with Similar Cases 

If you hope to earn primary custody, you must utilise all the arsenals within your reach. That includes contacting other fathers who have won child custody for some insights on the process. Although every situation is unique, you can gain some valuable tips to help further your case. Besides, you will gain helpful advice and support from someone who understands your situation. 

3. Be Actively Involved in Your Child's Life 

In addition to providing financial support, the court will likely want clear evidence that you are actively involved in your child's life and are fit to be their primary parent. A meaningful relationship with your child proves that you have a powerful connection with them and that they want to grow up around you. 

4. Successful Co-Parenting Is Key 

How you treat or relate to the other parent can be a huge determining factor in a custody hearing. Ideally, low levels of adversarial conflict and high levels of communication or collaboration with your co-parent can go along away in winning custody. If your co-parent is rude or uncollaborative, you must try your best to remain respectful to avoid hurting your case. 

Even with the best tips at hand, remember this is a new journey for your family, and you must do your best to support your child emotionally as well. Make sure to find a family law solicitor to help you.


26 May 2021

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