2 Underrated Factors You Cannot Afford to Neglect When Choosing Conveyancing Solicitors

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The input of conveyancing solicitors can make a world of difference in ensuring that the process of conveyancing runs smoothly for both parties, the property seller and the buyer. Seeing as how conveyancing solicitors play such a crucial role, it is critical to ensure that you make the right choice. Credentials and accreditations, as well as the affordability of the rates offered, are usually among the first things people consider when choosing conveyancing solicitors, and rightly so.

22 January 2019

What to Consider When Looking for a Solicitor to Oversee Your Conveyancing

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Buying real estate property is an expensive undertaking, so you need all the help you can get to ensure you go about it the right way. One of the professionals you will need to get the transaction closed is a conveyancing solicitor. These professionals are responsible for handling all legal aspects pertaining to the transfer of property ownership rights from the seller to the buyer. If you are in the market to hire a conveyancing solicitor, you should know that not all conveyancing solicitors are the same.

24 October 2018

Understanding the risks that workers face in factories

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Workers are often subjected to many different risks on the factory floor. From the risk of machine injury to fire hazards, it is important for employees to be provided with a safe working environment. Workers are eligible for compensation if they obtain an injury at the factory due to poor safety standards. The following are common risks that employees face and why they may be eligible for compensation if those risks result in injury.

14 June 2018

When Can Child Support Payments Be Adjusted?

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Children are usually placed in the custody of one of the parents after a divorce. The other parent may then be required to provide child support to the custodial parent. Such non-custodial parents may expect to stop making payments when the child transitions into an adult. However, there are circumstances under which the child support order given by a family may be modified to extend or terminate the payments before that time.

20 July 2016

Visa Application: Benefits of Using a Registered Immigration Agent


All foreign nationals are required to have a visa to enter Australia. Visa applicants are not obliged by the Australian law to retain the services of an immigration consultant; however, going through the assessment process on your own can be burdening. Some people even get their visa application denied after spending time and money on it. Getting your visa application approved by the Australian Immigration Department can be life-changing, and that's why you should get it right the first time.

6 July 2016

Common Problems That Can Delay the Sale of Your Home

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Several issues can prevent you from completing the conveyance of your home to a buyer. This article discusses some of those common problems that can delay or halt the home sale process. Use this information to discuss possible remedies with your conveyance professional so that a speedy completion of the transaction can take place. A Delay in the Payment of the Deposit The buyer of your home may be unable to pay the deposit on the home within the time that you had stipulated in the contract.

6 July 2016

Helpful Tips For Avoiding the Probate Process

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If you create a will to designate property that goes to certain loved ones and friends, it might not be as easy as them obtaining those assets immediately after you pass. A will is important to have, but it also has some drawbacks, including going through the probate process. This is the process that requires proving that a will is valid, which can take a long time. Here are some ways to ensure your family doesn't need to go through the probate process.

24 June 2016

Why you should include your digital assets in your estate plan

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Many people include their real estate securities as well as any tangible property in their estate plan. Conversely, many people engage in online activities, potentially leaving one's digital assets unaccounted for or even prone to theft. Ideally, an all-inclusive estate plan should account for digital assets. Read on for further insight. Digital assets Digital assets can range from emotional yet financially trivial to assets with a significant monetary value. Discussion forums, blogs and comparable venues can be prized assets to some people.

22 June 2016

Types of child custody arrangements

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Child custody cases are often contentious between both divorcing spouses. To adequately prepare for a child custody dispute, spouses can hire the services of family lawyers to present a solid case on their behalf why the family court should grant them custody of the children. Additionally, a family lawyer can explain to you the different categories of child custody and which type of custody to seek based on the best interests of your child.

17 June 2016

Joint Property Ownership Explained: Joint Tenancy Versus Tenancy In Common

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Two (or more) people may choose to invest in the same piece of property for various reasons. In a large number of cases, the main reason behind this decision is that the upfront cost of property ownership is often reduced by a significant percentage when more than one investor is involved. Joint tenancy and tenancy in common are the two types of property ownership available for multiple investors eyeing the same property.

26 May 2016